The Three Laws of Medicine

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Primum non nocere
Tolle causam
Vis medicatrix Naturae
Firstly do no harm
Treat the cause
The healing force in Nature

These laws are living guides to practicing medicine
in an ethical, compassionate and powerful way.

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1) Primum non nocere - Firstly do no harm

Doing no harm is the first rule of medicine. It means to not do anything that can harm your patient and it also means you have to challenge them when you can see they are putting themselves in harm’s way.


2) Tolle causam - Treat the cause

The second rule of medicine is to treat the cause. This is not as easy as it might sound because

a) especially when a problem has become chronic it is very common for it to have more than one cause from such areas as the genes, environment, diet, fitness, relationships, mental health, sleep & rest... people are complex!

b) many people just want you to give them something to feel better and not to have to deal with the cause of why they are sick. This is why conventional medicine is so popular when it is available and affordable, you don't have to do anything to get rid of the symptoms! (though this approach does not always work well in the long term...)

For a practitioner or anyone who wants to treat the cause of a chronic health problem, the best way to approach it is with a very open and enquiring mind and as little bias as possible about one aspect of life being more important than another!


3) Vis medicatrix naturae - The healing force in Nature

The ‘healing power of nature’ is the best thing any of us ever have going for us when it comes to getting better from any kind of chronic problem. In the most practical way possible this healing force means that there is a natural 'intelligence' existing inside us that enables us to adapt to adversity, to self-regulate and above all to self-heal when sickness or injury has done us harm.

If you would like to read my thoughts on this particular subject in greater detail then I have written an article for health practitioners in the Avena magazine (Winter 2014) called 'on drugs, herbs & healing' which you can find here.



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