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  Anger & frustration - active listening
  Aspirin - low doses
  Baby Sexing
  Bacteria & Brains; the Gut Connection
  Black Cohosh - out of the box
  Canon of Medicine - Books 1 & 2
  Cancer; some thoughts on
  Chai Tea
  Children’s, Youth health, An overview
  Cholesterol; alternate viewpoints
  Coffee & prostate cancer
  Coke or Water?
  Constitutional Medicine; Introduction
  Constitutional Medicine; Working it out
  Constitutional Medicine; Adaptations & Origins
  Constitutional Medicine; Bears
  Constitutional Medicine; Elephant/Butterfly
  Constitutional Medicine; Tigers
  Constitutional Medicine; Eagles
  Dairy Elimination Diet
  Depression; chemical imbalance myth
  Drugs, Herbs, Healing
  Elder berry research
  Eyelid marks warn of heart attack
  Finger length shows risk of prostate cancer
  Flu Shots Controversy
  Frustration & anger - active listening
  Fungal connection to Sinusitis
  Gluten Elimination Diet
  Gut -Brain Connection
  Hawthorn Thoughts
  Healing, Drugs & Herbs
  Heart disease, what really causes it?
  Hippocrates : medical wisdom
  How to give a cat a pill
  How to live to 100
  HRT (Hormone replacement therapy) Risks
  Immunity (general discussion)
  Inhalations (steam)
  Insect Repelling
  Low salt diet may not be a good thing
  Mammograms may increase cancer risk
  Medical wisdom of Hippocrates
  Metabolic Syndrome
  Nutrition (general discussion)
  Omega-3, Statin drugs, Diet vs. Heart Disease. Which is best
  Pharmacy drugs outnumber traffic accidents
  Prostate cancer risk indicated by finger length
  Pulse Testing
  Pulse & Tongue diagnosis
  Salt: low levels in the diet may not be a good thing
  Schistosomiasis:  Herbal treatment for parasitic infection
  Sinusitis: - Fungal Connection
  Sleep; rethinking what's best
  Steam Inhalations
  Tension & Anxiety
  Three Laws
  Thyroid Testing : Basal Body Temperature
  Tongue & Pulse Diagnosis
  Water of Coke?
  What is Detoxification?
  What really causes heart disease?

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