Meniere’s disease

I want to write a few comments about Meniere’s disease because it has come up a few times for me in practice and I have had some good results with it. No-one knows for sure what causes the mysterious and debilitating Meniere’s disease nevertheless there are patterns to it which I and others have noticed and found some useful ways of responding to.

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Finding a good herbalist

Much of what's written in this article is entirely suitable for a person to work through themselves but, especially if things are quite bad, or you just know that you need further help, then there may be a great deal of benefit to you to go to whatever lengths necessary to find a good herbalist or truly holistic practitioner to guide you on to a safe and strong treatment program. There's a short write-up to suggest how you might go about finding such a person here


Using herbs and foods that help the body to cleanse it's self of excess wastes helps when there is retention of fluid anywhere in the body and there seems to be some build-up of fluid and pressure affecting the inner ear in people who have Meniere’s disease.

Cleansing is fundamental to every system of medical practice except Western medicine. It does not require any extremes of time or trouble but simply involves some inexpensive and practical steps that I have outlined here in what is detoxification and the cleansing diet.


The briefest understanding of the amazing anatomy of the ear shows how it is a system of inter-connected tubes. As well as helping the whole body have a cleaner ‘flow’ of fluids as described above it also makes sense to help things along at the source of the trouble. 

This can very simply be done through the old fashioned process of ‘steaming’. You simply boil the kettle, place some water into a basin, add some plant essences as described below and then carefully expose your face to the medicated steam and breathe deeply. To make the process more intense and/or prolonged you make a ‘tent’ out of a towel and put it over both your face and the bowl. The best technique to do this is covered in more detail here

Eucalyptus oil is perfect to add to the water and is readily available. Also Thyme herb or thyme essential oil is very effective. I also recommend the old Swiss proprietary formula ‘Olbas oil’. A half dozen drops of Olbas, Eucalyptus or Thyme oil in a basin will steam clean the Eustachian tubes and sinuses.

Immune health

There does seem to be a pattern of a person being generally run-down &/or contracting an infection prior to the advent of the Meniere's so, if you think this has been the case, then it will be wise to carefully review the health of the immune system and, if necessary, take steps to improve it. Immune health is a very important subject in holistic medicine and this area is covered in considerable practical detail here.




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