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~ Juniper : cleanses the blood via the kidneys ~ Celandine : cleanses the body via the liver


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When should a person take the Juniper & Celandine Cleanse?

The Juniper & Celandine cleanse is a particularly powerful way to cleanse the whole body via the kidneys and the liver. The signs that a person needs to do this may be being pointed to in their health (e.g. feeling tired, sluggish, achey, congested etc) but these symptoms can equally be caused by a number of other common problems so in my own practice I have learned to rely on what both the blood and the tongue can tell me.

A drop of blood is an incredibly useful thing to look at because one drop is just the same as every other and you can literally see when cleansing is required because the blood plasma is either clean and healthy or congested and littered with debris.

You might not have a blood microscope in your back room but I have found a consistent correlation with toxicity in the blood and the classic signs of toxicity on the tongue -- and you can certainly have a look at your own tongue!

Just use some good light (may be necessary to use a torch or your cell-phone light) and a mirror.

If your tongue has something of a dirty looking coating on it, especially at the back, then you probably need to consider yourself due for some essential 'housekeeping'.

This internal 'cleaning' may not be the easiest thing to do in the world but, when needed, it is one of the things that make the most positive difference to people's health, energy and general outlook that I know of.

Why Juniper & Celandine?

I have tried a lot of different kinds of cleansing programs over the years -- and I mean a lot! They all have their relative virtues but most are rather expensive and/or cumbersome. What I love about the Juniper & Celandine cleanse is how it is incredibly effective but at the same time it is extremely economic!

I believe that, used correctly, Juniper is the strongest and safest cleansing herb for the kidneys that there is, likewise I do not know of a stronger liver cleansing herb than Celandine -- again so long as it is used correctly. The combination of these two herbs has a remarkably 'activating' effect on the whole process of detoxification.

Looking at people's blood and tongues 'before and after' as well as reviewing how it has helped them to get better I can say that this simple approach consistently works as well as anything else I have tried and at a fraction of the cost compared to most treatments. I am confident to recommend it to others so long as you get two essential things right -- herb and dose.

Getting the right herb

There are two critical issues to get right in herbal medicine -- the right herb and the right dose. Herbs are not made in factories and I can assure you that there is an enormous therapeutic difference between a herb that is grown, processed and stored with care compared to one that is chemically inundated, roughly harvested and carelessly stored.

You need to get the best quality dried Juniper berries you can find as well as the best quality Celandine liquid tincture or extract that is available. Large quantities are not required -- it's all about the quality.

As you can see by looking around my website I am not selling anything so I trust you will hear me without bias when I urge you, if it is possible, to find a good herbalist to get the right stuff as well as many other ways that they may be able to help you through the long journey of life. How I suggest you go about that is written up here.

Getting the right dose

Half the art of herbal medicine is getting the dose right. Too little -- nothing happens, too much -- you just create another form of toxic stress, just right -- magic happens.

Start first thing

Only take your Juniper and Celandine once a day, and the best time to take it is first thing in the morning before breakfast (if you are a shift worker then you would do this after you woke up --whenever that was).

Build the dose up

However sick of being sick you might be, do not be tempted to jump in the deep end with these herbs and start at the higher doses from the beginning -- they will simply bite you on the ass. Start on the first morning with 3 Juniper berries and 6 drops of Celandine tincture or liquid extract (if it's from a good, reliable, trustworthy source you should be fine with either).

On day two you take 4 Juniper berries and 8 drops of the Celandine first thing in the morning

On day three you take 5 Juniper berries and 10 drops of the Celandine... and so forth

Each subsequent day you take one extra Juniper berry and 2 extra drops of the Celandine tincture until you reach a maximum of 10 berries and 20 drops or you get a cleansing reaction that suggests you need to slow down to a previous dose or wait where you are till it passes (more about that below).

How to actually take them


Take the Celandine drops directly onto your tongue or place them in a little water. It is definitely ok to dilute the Celandine in water but I would also encourage you to try getting used to taking them straight. The taste will no doubt be strong but it will help your body to recognise and understand what it is supposed to do with this medicine. Believe it or not, your liver knows what is good for it!

It doesn't matter which of the two herbs you take first -- suit yourself.


The Juniper berries require a little more work because the longer the berries spend in your mouth the better but you may need to build up some tolerance to their taste to do this for long.

Ideally you will keep the berries in your mouth and just gradually work off the 'fruit' between your tongue and your teeth until there is nothing left but the tiny seeds (which you are welcome to spit out)

The reason to do this is that you will absorb a great deal of the therapeutic 'oils' of the Juniper directly into your bloodstream through the membrance of your mouth.

It is also okay to swallow them though and if you find the whole process of 'working over' the Juniper too intense then don't feel you won't respond to the treatment, it will just take a little longer to work.

Another mid-range option between simply swallowing them like little pills or slowly working them over in your mouth is to give them a bit of a chew before you swallow -- again to release those volatile oils rapidly into your blood stream.

How long do you do this for?

I suggest you do not do the Juniper and Celandine cleanse for more than two weeks before taking a break from it. This means that you will be taking the full 10 berries and 20 drops once a day for a whole week when you reach week two after you have gradually built the dose of both of them up during week one.

After completing two weeks of the treatment you should give yourself a week off and then look at your tongue and the way you feel to tell you whether you need to do a second round of the treatment.

If so then once again start at the low end of the dose range and gradually buiild up as you did the first time. Do not be surprised if your body (and your tastes) are even more sensitive to the herbs the second time you do the treatment, -- that is normal and expected in herbal medicine where the longer you use something the stronger it works (unlike drug therapies where quite often it is the opposite that is the case).

If you do need to take a second course of the Juniper and Celandine cleanse then again do not exceeed two weeks before taking one week off to see how everything settles and how you feel.

I certainly do see people who need to take a third round of this treatment -- especially if they have had some long-standing health issues or been unwell for some time. You can do a third fortnight of the cleanse but once you have completed this round then you need to not repeat this treatment for at least one month and you should not take these herbs for any more than 12 weeks in any one year (i.e. for more than one 'season').

Drink Water!

It is vital that you drink at least one full glass of water in the process of taking these two medicines and that you then continue to keep a high volume of water going through your body throughout the day.

I cannot overemphasise how important this is. Put frankly if you do not drink plenty of water then this treatment will almost certainly make you feel sick and sore. You should be needing to go to the toilet to urinate at least once every two hours and preferably a bit closer to once an hour (more than once an hour means you are overdoing it -- slow the water intake down a little at that point).

Eat a clean diet whilst cleaning your body

Eating a clean diet whilst you are doing this will certainly make things work a lot faster and easier but just to re-emphasise the point above, drinking plenty of water is even more important...

When it comes to 'cleansing' there are some fairly extreme approaches to diet in the world of natural medicine but I have honestly found that getting the right herbs at the right dose makes more of a difference than any kind of diet I've seen people do.

What I do want to recommend is a simple 'cleansing diet' that I have used with much success for a great many of my patients over the years. I have found that people can do this diet without great hardship of expense and I have had consistently positive feedback about how do-able it is -- it's written up here.

How will this treatment make me feel?

If you take the treatment as directed you should handle the significantly increased cleansing that is going to happen in your body without any real trouble. It is highly possible that after building up the herbs to around 5 or 6 berries and 10 or 12 drops (i.e. by about day 3 or 4) that you will get some noticeable symptoms of cleansing such as increased bowel motions, some skin break-outs, some odd aches and pains that come and go, some hot flushes or odd temperature changes... you may also get really moody so I have to warn you about that.

Give yourself lots of mental-health holidays from stress whilst you are doing this -- you will probably need them. One or two of the relaxation exercises on this page here may help.

If you find that this cleansing process is actually getting a bit too intense then don't panic and certainly don't see it as a bad sign (rather it is proof that you really need to be doing this) what you may need to do is to back off to a smaller dose and just wait till the symptoms pass before going back up again. Rome was not built in a day...

Obviously not everyone reacts the same but I've given this treatment to so many hundreds of people and I can tell you that no-one ever feels nothing from it! Yes the detoxification part can make you feel a bit 'under the weather' but what always follows this is a rather lovely uplift of mood. People's skin and eyes look noticeably brighter and more clear when they do this program. The tongue (and the blood) almost always cleans up nicely and when that happens you know that a whole lot of other body tissues on the inside are likewise a lot cleaner. Every machine, even living ones, work better when they are clean...

You know its a strange thing that every old culture of medicine except for modern Western medicine regards cleansing as one of the most important things a person can do for their health. I suggest you find out for yourself just why we (and all other intelligent animals by the way) have always sought out and revered those herbs that can help us do this cleansing in a way that we could never do by diet alone...

Good luck and go well.

Please understand that I cannot personally advise you, including on products or dosage, without seeing you in my clinic but ideas on how you might find a good herbalist in your area are here.
This living 'book' is my labour of love so, wherever you are, I wish you peace & good health!



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