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  • Exercise improves strength in your muscles, suppleness in your joints and flexibility in your body
  • Exercise produces stronger bones, tendons and ligaments and prevents bone loss with aging
  • Exercise helps prevent or reduce arthritis and other forms of muscle and joint inflammation
  • Exercise controls weight levels by increasing basal metabolic rates, effectively burning fat and building muscle. Studies show that exercise is more important in sustaining a healthy weight than diet by a long distance. 
  • Exercise reduces the risk of stroke and heart disease, strengthens the heart, lowers blood pressure and improves oxygen supply to the whole body.
  • Exercise improves self-esteem, relieves depression and helps us cope with stress and tension.

There is no pill, no substance on earth that can give anywhere near as many benefits as exercise does.

The thing is; you already knew exercise was incredibly good for you. Everyone does.

So why do so few of us actually exercise in the modern world? (Studies in this area generally show that about at least 7 out of 10 people do not exercise regularly).

The answer is pretty obvious isn’t it?
They don’t do it because they don’t like it.

Who can argue with that?

In fact I would go as far as to say to those of the 2 or 3 out of 10 who are exercising regularly that if they aren’t enjoying it either then they should have a re-think about the big picture and their long term prospects.   

Who is going to willingly sustain something for life that they don’t actually like doing?

My whole point on this subject is that you have to do the movement and exercise that you actually enjoy; nothing else will have any real longevity. Everyone enjoys doing something.

For example I don’t believe I have yet met the person who doesn’t at least somewhat enjoy walking. Walking is such a great form of exercise that I have devoted a page of endorsements for it; Walking.

It actually doesn’t matter that much what you do, so long as you do it.

A couple of further thoughts:
If it hurts you are doing it wrong.
No pain = no gain= no brain. Your body is an exquisitely designed piece of highly sensitive equipment. Pain is the best way it has to tell you that you are doing something the wrong way, listen.

The right exercise is the one you want to do the next day and you can do the next day. Overstraining and overtraining is the no. 1 reason that people’s exercise programs fall to pieces. When people start getting fit they always feel a lot better for it. The temptation is to think that if a little bit helps then a whole lot will surely be even better. Exercise, and definitely enjoy whatever form of it you do, but take it easy, life is long (is there anything longer than life?). You know you are getting the balance right when you just naturally want to exercise, miss it when you can’t do it, and never feel that you are harming yourself in the process.



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