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Most of the men I have worked with have health problems that place them somewhere near the top or bottom of a cliff.

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Men at the bottom of the cliff have already got a medical diagnosis. If it’s a young man it’s typically things like inflammatory bowel disease or chronic fatigue syndrome. In older men it's things like diabetes, cancer or heart disease. These men may have had a stint in hospital and have almost always been put on drugs. By the time they seem me it is usually months or years later and they are generally pretty fed up with it all and looking for an alternative.  

Top of the cliff men can feel something is wrong because they have some symptoms but they don’t have a disease to pin it on, yet. I am thinking of symptoms such as chronic digestive upsets, heart pains, loss of motivation, sleeplessness, fatigue etc.

Conventional medicine does well at providing literal and figurative ambulances but drugs are much more about managing disease than promoting health.

Some men feel a kind of ‘safety-net’ from the conventional world of doctors and drugs and it is not my life’s mission to try to persuade them otherwise but I still hope that my fellow men will see the wisdom in self-care and the folly in trusting a corporation to care for you.

All living things have a remarkably intelligent and resilient self-healing ability. I consider my job is not one to fix people but instead to help people see why they aren't getting well and to provide support for them to fix themselves.

I have seen men get better from all kinds of health problems. The obstacles that I find the hardest for the men I have worked with are their own feelings of failure for having got sick in the first place, and their impatience about not being better yet.

That said I personally find men great to work with. So long as they have a clear handle on why things have become unstuck and what they have to do about it there is usually no stopping them.



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