Yawning excessively

Everyone yawns -- however some people yawn so much that they get to wondering if there is something wrong with them and, well sometimes there is and this is a symptom that needs some attention...

The chief reason we yawn is because we are low in oxygen and yawning is a fast and instinctive way to quickly take in a deep breath at the same time as releasing some tension from the diaphragm that may have been constricting our breathing.

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Yawning is obviously mainly triggered by tiredness because as we get more tired our bodies put less energy into everything, including breathing, hence the oxygen deficit.

However what about when you yawn all the time even after sleeping well and you really don’t feel that tired?

One thing I've noticed now on several occasions in practice and is the reason I've put this short article up is that excessive yawning can happen because of a distended belly.

A bloated or swollen belly is often the most dominant ongoing symptom in people who are suffering from either dysbiosis or food intolerances. One (or sometimes both) of those problems may need detailed attention and clicking on their links will give you a detailed overview of how you could go about this but perhaps the first step to try -- because it's so comparatively simple and may be all you need to do -- is a course of Ginger and Gentian.   

The herb Gentian can rapidly improve sluggish function in the upper digestive tract. For example the most common allergens, dairy and wheat, contain some of the hardest proteins for us to break down and digest. So even when there is some degree of food intolerance in the picture it may be that all you need to do is to 'activate' digestive function sufficiently and your body will digest your food enough so that your immune system stops reacting to things.

Gentian is a great tonic in its own right so if part of the yawning is simply due to fatigue as well then this time-honoured pick-me-up may help in more ways than one.

Ginger has its own direct action on relieving spasm in the stomach and upper digestive tract. Ginger can help relieve the distension in the gut that may be impeding the free movement of diaphragm thus causing excess yawning.

This is the very old and famous formula to get the right ratio of these two herbs

80mls Gentian                       
20mls Ginger      

(We also commonly make this up in a 50 ml formula as Gentian 40mls and Ginger 10mls)

The dose is generally somewhere between 6 and 20 drops depending on the person.

The tincture provides an extremely simple method of getting the dose in regularly because the key to success with Gentian is to use it, at least at first, frequently.

Only very small amounts of the formula may be necessary to get its full effects but you have to taste it and to let the sensation of it penetrate in order for it to work. I encourage people to experience the full intensity as best as they can. The less you dilute the tincture with water the stronger it will taste.

Once people have had the formula a few times they always find it gets easier to take. Not because it gets any less intense, in fact as people get used to taking it they tend to dilute it less so it actually tastes stronger!

As food is digested better and the liver, stomach and pancreas all start to function better the brain starts to get a clear message -- 'this stuff helps!'

I know what I am about to say may sound unbelievable just reading it but it is a fact that literally hundreds patients have said to me that they have grown to like the taste of their Gentian formula and in many cases they say that they even start to crave the taste of it (at least for a time!)

I can't treat you unless I see you in person and, as you can see, there's nothing here for sale,
this living 'book' is my labour of love so, wherever you are, I wish you peace & good health!



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