Essential oils.

Essential Oils in many ways contain the essence of the plant; they are certainly potent herbal medicines in their own right and they can be used for much good as well as beauty.

The short notes below are the barest summary of what each of the oils may be good for but they can still give something of an overview. I've included it in the manner you see here because this is a copy of a page that we have available to our patients who come to our waiting room (hence the prices) but please note that we do not do on-line sales.

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I've often been asked what book I would recommend for someone wanting to learn more about essential oils... For someone wanting the more medicinal aspect of this subject I would recommend Jean Valnet's seminal work but for someone wanting a general text with all the information they could possibly need to get well and truly started then anything by Valerie Worwood should be perfect.

That said, when it comes to personal use I would actually recommend less reading, more smelling!

If you want to know that oils will do you the greatest personal good then the best suggestion I think I or anyone else could give you is to ‘follow your nose!’'. The oils that you are particularly drawn to are the ones that you should start with. Begin with a few, perhaps 3 or 4 or 5, use them regularly and you will soon be hooked on the smells of Nature and will want to add more over time. But be warned, nearly everyone who gets on to the path of using essential oils soon finds that the artificial smells of man-made scents become increasingly less pleasant! And once you start you can't go back!

Essential Oils

Evaporate over any kind of heat source, put with water in a spray bottle, add to your bath, add to a cream, dot on your wrists, sprinkle on the carpet… Used in any way these beautiful plant essences can bring the healing force of nature directly into your home, your work & your life…

Aniseed $8.00* Warming/opening, used to release tension/cramps from lungs/gut
Basil (French) $14.00* Mental clarity, dispels brain-fog, aids concentration & memory
Basil, Holy $9.00* Focus & attention, used to deepen awareness as meditation aid
Bergamot $8.00* Relaxing/letting go, used for releasing nervous tension, uplifting
Black Pepper $12.00* Warming/cleansing, gently strengthens circulation & digestion
Camphor $6.00* Clearing stuck patterns, stimulating, cleansing
Cedarwood $8.00* Steadfast endurance against stress & fatigue
Chamomile (M) $34.00* Nurturing/calming, deeply relieves physical/nervous tension
Chamomile (G) $32.00* Potent nervous system sedative, strong physical anti-inflammatory
Chilli Seed $6.00* Heating/penetrating into cold conditions, used within external rubs
Cinnamon  $8.00* Spicy, warming, encouraging, small doses quickly fill the senses
Citronella $8.00* People don’t usually mind it; biting bugs simply can’t stand it
Clary Sage $12.00* Only use when scent appeals, potent hormonal/brain balancer
Cloves       $8.00* Antiseptic/pain-relieving, used for nerve & dental pain
Cypress $12.00* Renewal/growth, a confronting, stimulating, healing oil
Eucalyptus $8.00* Optimism/openness, cleansing, decongestant for colds & flu’s
Fennel $9.00* Warm, sweet, relaxing & opening
Fir Needle $7.00* Siberian strength, clears mind/body from fatigue & lethargy
Frankincense $26.00* Cleansing/meditative, used to open the breathing & still the mind
Geranium  $11.00* Receptivity/intimacy, conveys calmness & security, relaxing
Ginger $9.00* Stimulating, warming, heartening, not used alone, blend with others
Grapefruit   $8.00* Abundance & lightening up, antidote to heaviness, darkness, scarcity
Juniper Berry $14.00* Fortifying, seen to unburden blocks between mind & body
Lavender  $8.00* Harmony/balance, the oil that compliments & blends all the others
Lemon  $8.00* Refreshing/uplifting, clears heat/tension from head, cleans/cools
Lemongrass  $9.00* Strengthening/gathering, uplifting/refreshing, little goes a long way
Lime $9.00* Unbridled optimism, also only a light touch needed
Mandarin $8.00* Energising/cheerful, brings light into the greyest of brains
Manuka $11.00* Grounding/purifying, clears heat, infections, for physical stamina
Myrrh $14.00* Tranquil solitude, deeply purifying, lifts spirits
Niaouli $8.00* Cleansing/renewing, opens chest & airways, strong antimicrobial
Nutmeg $11.00* Mystical, uplifting, spicy, changes mental patterning
Patchouli  $9.00* Peace & love, highly retro, an aphrodisiac for some
Peppermint  $8.00* ‘It recovers & refreshes the spirits’ said Pliny, a wise old Roman
Pine $8.00* Purity/purpose, clears dark thoughts, cleans the air within/without
Rose (5%) $18.00* ‘Rose speaks of love silently, in language known only to the heart’
Rose Geranium $9.00* Intimate, pungent, pleasing cleansing geranium
Rosemary $8.00* Centering/connection, potent aid to be in the body & be here now
Rosewood $10.00* Sweet, mysterious, dark, exotic, a carnival from Brazil
Sage  $9.00* ‘Herba sacra’ sacred herb, strengthens the senses & the memory
Spearmint  $6.00* Irrepressibly childlike, a lolly in a bottle
Sweet Orange $8.00* Generous, abundant, uplifting, reminds what is good in the world
Tangerine  $8.00* Uplifting energy, youthful/exuberant, sweet & optimistic
Tea Tree $8.00* Used as a potent antimicrobial & natural disinfectant
Thyme $9.00* Invigorating/stimulating, clears airways & opens breathing
Ylang Ylang  $9.00* Relaxing/euphoric, tiny doses only, lifts spirits from bottom up
Earth Blend $12.00* Scotch Pine, Siberian Fir, Bergamot, Geranium
Water Blend $12.00* Rose, Lavender, Rosemary, Lemon
Air Blend $12.00* Lavender, Rose, Lime, Grapefruit
Metal Blend $12.00* Sweet Orange, Cypress, Tangerine, Lemongrass
Wood Blend $12.00* Mandarin, Eucalyptus, Juniper

All oils guaranteed 100% pure.

* Prices shown are in NZD. Sold only through our clinic, no on-line sales, sorry.

Please understand that I cannot personally advise you, including on products or dosage, without seeing you in my clinic but ideas on how you might find a good herbalist in your area are here.
This living 'book' is my labour of love so, wherever you are, I wish you peace & good health!




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