Famous Four Powders

This combination has proven successful for many people with digestive disorders.

Note: Since I wrote this page quite some years ago I have mostly moved to using the product that we make in our clinic called Life Greens for such instances. More info on that formula here.

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The Technique

~ How can you take these powders as quickly and painlessly as possible?

Start with a large and completely dry mug, likewise a dry teaspoon. Dosages will be covered in more detail below. The main point to firstly get across is the right temperature and the right flow.

After you have put all the powders in the mug together, get the water running at a temperature that will be easy for you to quickly drink. Likewise get it flowing at a rate that you can easily stir the powders into the water so that by the time the mug is full you are ready to drink all of it immediately. The powders will thicken up every second you leave them in the water so speed is of the essence. Drink the whole amount in one go with a nice and relaxed throat and stomach. The powders do not taste bad, it is the 'thickening' texture that can be the stumbling block. It's ok if you need to go back for seconds or thirds of extra water to get all the powders in.

The Dosages

~ Slippery Elm

one heaped tsp.
Slippery Elm is phenomenally good for guts. Think of it as an internal bandage that gives everyhing a chance to heal.

~ Plantago Husks

two heaped tsps.
You won’t get as much on the tsp as the Elm but still go for a well rounded mound.
Plantago becomes a fibrous ‘brush’ that gently massages through your entire bowel.

~ Vit C powder

½ of one level tsp.
Every cell needs vit C, small amounts prevent scurvy, large amounts help your body to heal damaged tissue (plus it tastes good).

~ Probiotic powder

¼ of one level tsp.
Good bacteria are essential for a healthy digestive tract.



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