Quick Acting Herbs

Herbs are typically thought of as being considerably gentler and slower alternatives to drugs but it is also a fact that there are a great many potent, fast acting substances in nature and that people, for thousands of years, wherever they went in the world, have been diligent at finding those substances and learning how to use them.

There is a roughly accurate proportional law of medicine that the stronger and faster acting a substance is, the more likely it will be dangerous and cause side-effects.

There are very few herbs used in a modern herbal practice today that run the risk of serious side-effects. The quickest acting and somewhat dangerous plants, those from which many drugs such as morphine, digitalis, atropine etc. come from have generally long been adapted into pharmaceuticals.

We do however, still retain many plants in common use that work fast. Here is a short list of some of my own favourite, quick acting herbs. Read more about any that interest you by clicking on their links:

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  • Arnica: fast relief for pain and bruising
  • Calendula: quick acting wound healing herb
  • Cayenne: rapidly increases circulation, may even help avert a cardiac event if used promptly
  • Celery seed: can flush the body of acidic wastes in a day or two
  • Cramp Bark: can quickly ease muscle spasms and cramps
  • Echinacea: can turn back a bacterial infection if used promptly and frequently
  • Fennel: may quickly ease indigestion and griping
  • Garlic: can kill off bugs that have survived everything else that’s been thrown at them
  • Gentian: can rapidly bring back a lost appetite to a weakened system
  • Ginger: can rapidly help nausea and dizziness
  • Licorice: quickly improves blood sugars, brings back energy, soothes inflammation
  • Limeflowers: can rapidly soothe feverish children gone beyond the pale
  • Motherwort: can rapidly reduce symptoms of ‘cardiac anxiety’
  • Myrrh: fast acting natural antibiotic type actions
  • Prickly Ash: terrific tooth-ache remedy
  • Shepherd’s purse: can quickly help staunch bleeding
  • Skullcap: fast acting anxiety and overactive-mind relief
  • Turmeric: can be a quick acting natural anti-inflammatory if taken in sufficient amounts
  • Valerian: potent and fast acting nervous tension diffuser
  • Wild Cherry: quick cough relief
  • Wild Yam: fast acting treatment for spasm and tension in the muscles
  • Yarrow: rapidly helps internal or external wounds to heal.





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