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For Whom the Sun spoke

“It is for you, whom I shine”
said the sun to the moon,
“look at the world you encircle
it too, loves the murmur of your passing
your gentlest touch makes the waters dance
and all that look upon you are softened,
calmed by your pale and lovely face”

“Oh, but I am lost and alone”
said the moon to the sun,
“you do not shine for me
it is only because I reflect you,
that you even notice me
I am tethered to this Earth
I am its prisoner, why?”

“Aaah” sighed the sun,
“what you say is so sad, but true
I do love you so much
but I do not only shine for you.
How were your feelings hidden?
I thought I saw you so well
I thought we danced in the heavens
but now I hear you feel you're in hell..."

“So, Now, I promise you this”
and the sun, flared,
“Say the word and I will set you
and all who are bound to me free.
For as much as I love you
I would put out my light
if you, did not, love me”

“Oh” sang the moon,
"for this promise, in an instant
all my sorrows have gone.
I am free, I am found
and I will gladly dance
through the heavens
softly, ever softly
keeping time, to your song."





© 2011 R.J.Whelan Ltd