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Panax Ginseng

Ah Panax, there you are
many friends are yin and tender
not so you, gnarly man-root,
and you are not for everyone, neither.

An Eagle constitution, hot & dry and still in flight
might lie awake with you all night
but let their wings fold, or that they grow old
then they may well sit beside your fire.

Or a Tiger, hot & damp, scenting different prey
could cross their own shadow on you all day,
but if its love they seek, yet their flesh is weak
well, you draw in the Earth, Emperor tonic

For a Bear, cool & damp, winter'd long
you hold the secret of summer's song
warmth, hope, endurance, strength
the rain and the tides and the time well spent

Elephant, cool & dry, butterfly within,
who better to feel your slow crooked grin?
let them touch you and sparks will fly
if gently, gently, that dance begin

For you don't give up, your brooding sun
to them when trouble knocks must run

you meet the one who stays and faces
who stands the way long-life embraces

Tincture, powder, tea you down
to the dark wet kidney-adrenal ground
set your fire there and blow, Panax blow
some of us beings want it long and slow!









© 2011 R.J.Whelan Ltd